2017 WPC Registration guide

Deadline for registration is May 29th, 2017

CLICK HERE to register online OR  CLICK HERE to download the registration packet.
The registration form is a four-page document, please complete all pages. This will provide us with all the information we need about your company, the delegates you wish to send to the event, and the persons accompanying them.

All paper forms are to be returned (preferably by email) to info@worldperf.com on or before May 29th, 2017

WPC c/o Industrial Perforators Association
6737 West Washington Street, Suite 4210
Milwaukee, WI53214
Phone: 414-276-8788
FAX: 414-276-7704

If you wish to advertise in the World Perforation Booklet, CLICK HERE to view the advertising information.

Registration fees: You are asked to calculate the amount of your fee. It includes a company fee (see payment form for details), a delegate fee and a fee for each spouse/guest. The spouse/guest fee includes all of the events and meals that delegates receive as part of the included program.

Additional fees: All spouse/guest tours and several optional tours offered throughout the conference are available for an additional fee.